Organizational Effectiveness

In addition to trouble-shooting and training, we have been involved "from the ground up" in the design of new organizations to meet new corporate missions. Our approach is determined by specific client needs and developmental status, but often includes some of the following steps:


Work with senior managers to establish the new group's general mission and place in the greater corporate operation

Define a tentative internal structure, reporting relationships, staff roles and responsibilities, and core business processes and practices (both internal and outward-facing)

Help with internal and external recruiting, induction and team-building


In many cases, this is an iterative process. For example, details of the structure may be adjusted to accommodate an especially capable team member.

Where an organization is already functioning but (for any reason) needs fine-tuning, we can apply a broad range of diagnostic assessment tools, including the MBTI, several values and relational instruments, and in-depth personal and group interviews.


The following diagram illustrates some key organizational choices that support effective use of collective capability via mindful choices in


real-time and asynchronous collaboration

direct and mediated communication

simultaneity and sequentiality, and

both informational and psychological bandwidth.

Creative collectives

In all cases, we seek to support the development of an integrated functional capability much greater than the sum of its parts, that can manage itself sustainably and work effectively with the greater organization and the outside world.