Business Process Enhancement;
Due Diligence for Advanced Technologies

These two topics share a page as they sometimes require similar methods:


1 Define stakeholder objectives

2 Assess present strengths and limitations of the target organization and its operations, plus likely future developments if status quo is maintained

3 Devise interventions in staff, operations, partnerships, etc. that may increase operational effectiveness by removing barriers or capturing fallow opportunities

4 For process enhancement, develop a select portfolio of cost-effective improvements with implementation plans and priority recommendations

5 For due diligence, produce a report detailing impact of improvements or maintaining status quo on value of target operation


Transition States has worked with public and private companies, funding sources, governmental bodies, academia and various foundations to evaluate enterprises, enhance shareholder value, improve productivity and develop new opportunities. Focus areas include:


Investment services: due diligence to support investment, acquisition, licensing or sale

Forward planning and organizational redesign to enhance shareholder value for both startups and established companies

Intellectual property evaluation, development and prosecution; patent portfolio management, placement and negotiation for licensing surplus IP

Market-focused innovation pipeline development, with establishment of needed organizational and management structures

Semi-traditional efficiency enhancement in R&D, manufacturing and other activities


We have worked on a point-intervention basis, and also on long-term retainer when requirements are ongoing or a series of similar opportunities may be captured with a consistent approach. Times being what they are, business requirements span a broad range from dealing with the consequences of extreme success (how do we best apply the leverage afforded by major acquisitions, a powerful market stance or capital in excess of immediate needs) to survival in deflationary, capital-starved or highly regulated circumstances: