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Product, process and service innovation

Training and coaching people and organizations:
Planning, sales/negotiation, leadership

Enhanced value capture

Transition States provides a broad range of consulting services centering on the practice and management of innovation. A primary focus is business-process and cultural innovations that enhance value capture via individual and collective productivity. Core activities include targeted product and process development; training and coaching in a variety of critical skills; and such vital ancillary aspects as technology transfer, project management, and intellectual property creation and exploitation.

Transition States is a metaphor borrowed from physical chemistry. To transform raw or intermediate materials into products, some activation barrier must be overcome. Transition states are the saddle points: the most energy-rich on the trajectory, and the least stable. Transition states define the branching options faced by an organization in changing circumstances. Like the choice between progress and regress along any path, transition states offer both challenge and opportunity. Balancing tradition and vision, transition states embody the momentum of the past and determine the form of the future.

Transition States is part of an international network of specialist consultants in innovation and product development, training and organization development, market and consumer preference analysis, and selected technical fields. Focus on fundamental client and end-user criteria underlies our strong track record in product creation, brand enhancement, negotiation of partnerships, and development of valuable intellectual property.